Home Attendant Care, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Bruce Gearhart as a natural extension of his family’s passion for care giving.  His father, Reverend Herbert Gearhart, had spent many years assisting community members in their search for quality home caregivers while his mother Arlene often provided care services to those in need.  As a Washington State certified home health social worker Bruce brought a unique perspective to the family business.

In 1997 Debbie Gann joined Home Attendant Care.  She progressed through various positions in the company and worked hard to establish HAC’s reputation of quick response with quality in-home care.  As Bruce neared retirement it was clear to him that Debbie would be the one to carry on the strengths and values of the organization.  Debbie and Dave Gann became partners with Bruce in 2003 and took over leadership of the organization after his retirement in 2006.

Today, Home Attendant Care continues as a family-owned company operating with the same vision and values trademarked since the beginning.  The company has earned the trust and respect of industry peers and they take pride in serving and advocating for the rights of our elder population.

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