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Challenges of the “Sandwich Generation”

Home Attendant CareHave you heard the term “sandwich generation”? These words describe a specific group of middle-aged Americans that is increasing in size every year. Sandwich generation members are adults who are responsible for the care of both their aging parents and their own children.

According to Pew Research, 47% of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent 65 or older and are raising a young child or helping support an adult child. Many of those adults are providing financial support to both their parents and their child. Not only does that put financial pressure on members of the sandwich generation, it also can cause strain on family relationships and their own health and well-being.

One challenge for those who spend a great deal of time caring for others is carving out quality time to rest, relax and step away from their caregiver role so they can prevent burnout.

Caregiver burnout can quickly occur for those who are caught in the middle of two generations.  To prevent burnout, and maintain positive relations with all ages, sandwich generation members need to reach out to others for respite on a regular basis.

Respite care can come from friends and family members willing to step in and give the primary caregiver a break for a few hours, a full day or an extended vacation. Hiring licensed caregivers is also an option when others are not available to help.

At Home Attendant Care, our professional, compassionate caregivers provide respite care in a number of ways. They can stop by in the morning or at night for safety checks, spend a few hours each day ensuring meals are made and medications are taken or they can even stay around the clock with an aging parent who isn’t able to be left alone so the rest of the family can go on memory-making vacations without worry.

Professional caregivers can be an excellent option for those looking to fill some gaps while raising their own kids and caring for aging parents – even a few hours of respite care can make a huge difference.

It’s a fact that caring for another person on an ongoing basis can be rewarding and meaningful. It can also be challenging and emotionally draining – it’s important to tap into resources available for respite.

If you need a licensed caregiver to help provide care for elders in your life, contact Home Attendant Care today to learn about respite care services that can be personalized to meet the unique needs of the sandwich generation.

Combating Elder Loneliness

ImageIs loneliness a concern you have for a parent or an elderly friend? A recent study conducted by the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago showed that elder loneliness can actually be just as detrimental to seniors as other health problems.

At Home Attendant Care, combating elder loneliness is a goal we strive to work towards – because we see firsthand how regular, consistent socialization can have a positive impact on the lives of NW Washington seniors who are aging in place.

In today’s busy world we can’t always be with our loved ones to provide all of the companionship they need, but there are ways to prevent loneliness in their life even when you’re not around. Here are some tips and suggestions:

• Enroll elders in continuing education courses at a local community college, hospital or local senior centers. Not only will this give them the opportunity to connect with others and have conversations, but the classes will keep their mind active. The feelings of accomplishment upon completing a course can also be highly beneficial.

• Get a pet. Dogs and cats are great pets for seniors; fish or birds can also have a positive effect (and they are easier to care for). Not only does a pet offer companionship, studies have shown that having a pet can actually lower blood pressure.

• Find a social circle that meets regularly, such as a church group or book club. Again, this is a great way for elders to connect with their peers.

• Urge other family members or friends to reach out to your loved one. This can be as simple as suggesting they send a greeting card, drop off a meal or simply call to chat for a bit each week. Just knowing that someone is thinking about them can be incredibly beneficial for senior citizens.

• Lastly, consider hiring a part-time caregiver for companionship and socialization. Professional caregivers help combat elder loneliness, monitor medications and check on the overall safety and well-being of seniors who live alone.

Contact Home Attendant Care to learn how our experienced caregivers can help your loved one live a full, active and engaging life from the comfort of their own home.